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It was at the beginning of COVID-19 when my grandmother gave me the idea to write a book for the youth.
I was in a deep depression from being fired from my teaching position leaving me with a feeling of worthlessness. Before things got worse I began taking walks, praying, and meditating more. I even began watching videos that declared affirmations through airways throughout the day and while I slept. While on one of my walks I was speaking the affirmations I created for myself and that is when the concept of the book and the title
came to me.  I wanted to create this book to help the youth in the black community to believe in themselves and to recognize the power they possess in their minds and with their words. I also created this body of work to uplift my own physical, mental, and emotional well-being to
attack my purpose in life.
'The Words I Speak I See' is a book that every person, child or adult, could benefit from reading. The story is empowering and uplifting for all ages. Everyone should read this book!
He has blossomed into a man who recognizes his purpose, and that makes him a powerful force to be reckoned with in any endeavor he pursues.
That level of self-awareness, honesty and accountability are qualities that carry over into other aspects of his life - including his work as a youth educator and community leader.
- Anonymous
- Dawn Francis
- Ivan Thomas

Jacoby Browder is an Educator, Entertainer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur from Birmingham, Alabama.  A graduate of The Tuskegee University with a bachelors in History. Jacoby is known for his electrifying rhymes and tremendous singing ability from doing music for 8 years.  Where he has performed in front of numerous crowds for big names such as Lil Baby, 2chainz, Migos, and more.  He grew up playing sports and singing in the church as an adolescent but has always had a deeper love for knowledge, constantly reading and expanding his mind.  His love for books and learning combined with music has lead him to create his own company called Artist For Autism Inc., which specializes in educating and entertaining kids with autism and other social and mental disabilities through the arts. He plans to take this new curriculum globally to reach these kids in that spectrum around the world.

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